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Cross Training at Rumble Boxing

Trainer Jojo Hinkes ShareS the Benefits of cross training at rumble boxing

Written by: ALLI JO "JOJO" HINKES, Rumble Boxing National Talent Manager

        It’s no surprise boxing is a high intensity sport that provides mechanics used in everyday lives. It's also a great workout regimen to add into your training routine. Boxing will not only give you the tools to protect yourself, but it will increase your overall well-being. That’s why Rumble Boxing is a great modality to use as a cross training workout. This 45-minute class includes boxing drills and conditioning exercises to help increase your endurance and coordination, but it doesn’t stop there! Rumble Boxing also includes exercises that improve your strength, stability, and can help alleviate stress and boost your confidence. If you think about it, boxing utilizes every muscle group in the body. It’s a great way to build upper body and lower body strength. When you box, you are generating power from the ground up. Your legs, back, core, and glutes all activate to throw power punches!

         Rumble Boxing is a modality that I recommend to a majority of my clients to add into their strength routine. Let’s face it, cardio is not always everyone’s favorite thing to do because they immediately think of the dreaded treadmill. But doctors, social media, and advertisements often put in our face the importance of cardio—which they are not wrong about! That’s why I recommend Rumble Boxing. It’s not only an effective way to improve your cardiovascular health but time flies by in this 10-round workout.

         I always talk about being a well-rounded athlete and I train my clients to be well rounded in their training programs no matter their fitness goals. Rumble Boxing combines HIIT (high intensity interval training) and strength training practices to help keep clients in shape. I always recommend that they switch up where they start class too. For instance, if they take class 2-3x a week, I advise them to start at least one of those classes on the floor (strength training) side. It’s always beneficial to change this up because our bodies get used to things quickly. If they start on the floor they are more likely to grab heavier weights. If they start on the bags they will get their heart rate up quicker, and may grab lighter weights when they switch sides. 

       Rumble Boxing is like no other workout because within the HIIT and strength training you’re improving your agility, explosiveness, resilience and you walk out feeling empowered! I believe that if your workouts are fun and make you feel energized then that feeling stays with you throughout the days and weeks to come and you’re bound to stay consistent. That being said, if you’re looking for something to spice up your routine or a compliment to another modality, then look no further, Rumble Boxing is where it’s at!

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