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Jack Johnson, was an American boxer and the first African American to become heavyweight champion in 1910. He defeated James Jeffries and towered as a cultural figure in history.

Check out more info from about the intersection of sports & race that Johnson faced.

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We are inspired by boxers but every athlete is welcome here.

John Davis was an Olympic Champion - A 6 time World and 2 time Olympic Champion who went undefeated in competition between 1938 and 1953. That is the longest undefeated streak in history, and the only man to win a World Championship in 3 different decades. Credit - John Davis Olympian  Muhammed-Ali with Gloves Up

There are countless figures that endured past the prejudice, violence and discrimination that Black athletes were constantly fighting and continue to experience. “The Greatest” – Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis, Pete Cunnigham.

Being kind and speaking up is free. If you want to donate to Color of Change, an organization dedicated to fighting racism, injustice, and racial justice, visit this link.


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