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How To Make Fitness A Habit in 2023

What's up #TeamRumble? New Year's is just around the corner & with a new year comes new opportunities, new challenges, and new resolutions. This coming year is about becoming a better you, and what better way than to prioritize your physical AND mental health by making fitness a habit in 2023?

It's easy to set big goals when looking ahead at January. Go to the gym everyday? No problemo. Get a six-pack by April? Will check it off by March.  

But as the year goes by, those January resolutions start to slip and we find ourselves waiting 'til tomorrow, next month, next year just to watch it begin again. 

If this sounds all too familiar, you're not alone. Experts say that 80% of people fail their New Year's resolutions by February. But not this year fam... cause we're here to help you stick to it.

So... let's get this party started with 10 tips on how to make fitness a habit in 2023 >>

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Figure out a time of day you can stick to, pick a workout space that's convenient, and plan your day around your workouts. This helps you to habit stack & mix your workout into your daily routine. Try finding something you do everyday no matter what, like brushing your teeth or leaving work, and stack your workout on top of that habit!

Joining a gym with group fitness classes for all levels, like Rumble Boxing 😉, is a great kick-starter to building a consistent fitness routine.

Not only will you have a designated workout spot locked in, you can find support within the Rumble group fitness community! At Rumble, you can also choose from a variety of class times that works best for you and book them in advance.


#2 DESIGN YOUR ENVIRONMENTJulian Benchwork- Henderson


Julian Doan, Rumble Boxing Los Olivos Trainer says: “Although having goals that inspire you is one of the first steps of your journey, the most important step is to create an environment for yourself where the goals will accomplish themselves automatically.” 

Make working out an obvious step in your day by surrounding yourself with constant reminders! Lay out that fresh workout set you’ve been wanting to rock the night before. Keep those fresh tennis shoes near the front door. Write your goals on sticky notes and leave them around the house.  Do whatever works best to set yourself up for success.


“Leave yourself wanting more! Starting off with a little bit less than your full capacity will help prevent you from burnout. When you start at 110%, it may overwhelm your body and your schedule. Start small and let your body and mind adapt” - Jess Hiestand, Rumble Boxing Los Olivos Founding Trainer.



Try temptation bundling by mixing your workout with something else you love doing.

Love hanging out with your besties? Hit the gym with them and grab a post-workout smoothie together afterwards!

Love listening to music? Jam out during your workout! At Rumble, sweat as you thump to your fav tracks. Our part-time trainers, part-time DJs play Rumble-exclusive music that helps you crush your workout!


Whatever your fitness goal may be... find it, write it down, and stick to it by tracking your progress daily. Experts say that habit tracking is one of the most effective methods to make your habits stick.

Why? Forming a habit is for the long game, which means it might take some time to actually see the results. This can make it difficult to visualize all the progress you're making. 

Tracking methods such as habit scorecards, progress pics, and calendar cross-offs not only remind you to workout, they're also cues that motivate you to keep you going and show progress along the way.

PLUS there's an app for that >> The Rumble App keeps track of all your class history, weekly streak goals, AND milestones to keep you motivated!



Consistency is KEY. Skipping one day will only make it easier to skip the next. Remember that it's important to take relative rest days, but that doesn't mean you can't stay consistent! Go on a walk, stay light with the weights, & let your body recover.

Making a fitness a habit takes practice, so if you do miss a day, don't beat yourself up about it & live by the mantra: never miss twice.


Rumble Boxing Group Fitness Class - Benchside


Now that you have the rundown on how to stick to your resolutions, it's time to start making sh!t happen! We're confident you have what it takes to make fitness a habit this coming new year.

Take the next step towards a better you with us over here at Rumble Boxing. Whatever your fitness goals may be, we have all the tools to set you up for success. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, our group fitness classes are for ALL levels & the vibes are decidedly inclusive and positive. Our trainers & supportive community will have your back through thick & thin.


So champ... let's do this thing, #RumbleStyle 




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