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Workout Tips: 4 Ways Music Helps You Crush Your Workout

Music makes or breaks your workout. If you're one of those people who skips the gym when you forget your headphones, you're not alone. 2 out of 3 people cut their workout short or don't workout at all if they don't have music.1

POV: it's almost the "Rumble Round." The lights go low, your heart is pumping, and you're digging deep to find your inner fighter and give it your all. You trainer counts "3-2-1" and plays your favorite banger. All the sudden, a rush of power kicks in to crush the final stretch of your workout. 

 Music is a crucial part to most people's fitness regimen and helps improve the quality of your workout! Here's why...





When a song you love comes on, it makes you want to move. Music and movement are entangled in the brain. When your jam plays, brain activity fires up and triggers coordination.

Not to get too technical, but almost every region of your brain lights up, giving you bursts of energy to carry you through your workout. Fitness experts say that music leads to "higher-than-expected levels of endurance, power, productivity, and strength."2



DYK your body naturally syncs to the beat of a song (aka rhythm response)? The tempo of a song increases your output, or how fast you and how many punches you throw. It's easier to keep a steady pace and maintain stamina when you match it to a sick track.

Founding Trainer Andy Stern says: "Cueing into these time signals helps us use our energy more efficiently, since keeping a steady pace is easier on our bodies than fluctuating through different patterns." 

Rumble Boxing Andy Stern Post Class Victory Dance


Music acts as a distractor by competing with your senses. You focus less on the exercise and more on the lyrics, tempo, and beat without even thinking about it.

Listening to music even releases hormones that help to relieve discomfort.3 So the next time fatigue starts to set in and you feel yourself wanting to give up on your workout, you can count on Drake and Beyoncé to help you push through.

"When you connect the vibe of a track with the energy of an exercise, you create a moment. That moment creates a feeling. That feeling keeps you coming back. The connection between the program and playlist at Rumble is curated to tell a story and create a variety of different feelings (confidence, toughness, empowerment) which ultimately creates the Rumble experience," Stern says. 


Ever put on your favorite song to get out the dumps and instantly feel better? That's because music is the magic remedy to a good mood.

No, really. Serotonin levels boost when listening to a song you like.4 Music is a mega mood-booster that releases feel-good hormones like dopamine and oxytocin. Plus it's been shown to lower stress hormones, getting you in a positive state of mind. Pair this with the mood-boosting benefits of boxing, and you got yourself a killer combo.

So fam, now you know that listening to music while working out does way more than just make it fun and guarantees a super-effective workout. When in doubt, cue your jam, have a damn good time, and knock it out 🥊

Want to see for yourself just how powerful the right workout music can be? Come vibe & sweat with Rumble, a half boxing, half strength training group fitness class. Our trainers will guide you through 45 minutes of straight fire while you thump to your fav tracks from our exclusive custom-Rumble playlists.


See you soon ,


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