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Member Highlight: Steffi CELEBRATes 100 CLASSES


Meet Rumble Boxing Fort. Lauderdale Member >> Steffi Estevez!    Rumble Boxing Fort Lauderdale Member Steffi Selfie Img

  • Third year of Endodontics residency
  • Why Rumble? Feel stronger + get better at boxing
  • Favorite part about Rumble: the instructors! 




The rush, the excitement, happy hormones aka all the feels kept me coming back for more. IRumble Boxing Fort Lauderdale Member Steffi Poses with Trainer joined back in 2022 with the purpose of reaching all of my fitness goals I had set for myself, but let me tell you the Rumble experience is like no other 

There’s nothing better than stepping into the studio & punching the shit out of your stress  Every time I walked out of the studio and with each class completed, I left feeling stronger – not only as a fighter, but also as an individual. 

Don't sleep Fort Lauderdale Locals who knows when you least expect it, I may throw some quick hands & knock out another 100 classes.  🥊


Want to give the Rumble workout a try? Buy your first class & get the second on us.


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