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what to expect

Rock Your First Workout >> What to Expect at Rumble Boxing


If you're not sure what to expect but want to give Rumble a try, here's everything you need to know before you hit the bags >>

Rumble Boxing Studio - Bags and Benches

First Things First >> What is Rumble?

Rumble is a full-body group fitness class for all levels that delivers serious results.
You'll walk into a fun, high-energy class setting and walk out sweat-drenched and maxed-out with an endorphin high like none other.

Rumble Boxing App- Book your Bag

You Can Book Class a Few Different Ways:

  • Download the Rumble app and login to your account to book your bag (or bench, whatever you're into).
    • Available for both Android and Apple.
      • Monitor your class data
      • Browse class schedules
      • Explore and book classes
  • Prefer a browser? Sign in at and select your Home Studio to sign into the Member Portal.

Get Rumble Ready on Class Day

  • Arrive to the Studio 10-15 minutes early 
  • Check in for class and put your stuff in a locker
  • Looking for a new fit? Check out the latest Rumble merch in-studio
  • Don't forget to snap a pic for the gram

Get Your Equipment >>> Gloves. Wraps. Rumble Bundle.Rumble Bundle- Get your Equipment

Needed in every class to protect a fighter's most important weapon- your hands!

  • Available for rent or purchase in-studio
  • First timer? Gloves are on us. 

Needed in every class to secure your bones and joints

  • Choose between our traditional hand wraps or quick wraps.
  • Available at the front desk, yours to keep.
Ask your studio about our Official Rumble Bundle so you can always be Rumble ready - gloves, wraps, & a drawstring bag!
Get Ready to Throw Down 
  • 5 minutes before class, your trainer will call you into the studio. Give ‘em a fist bump at the front door and get ready to light it up.
  • Find your spot (bag or bench) and run through the 6.
    •  Preview the 6 punches here
  • Projections will be displayed at the front of the classroom so you can keep up with the combos!
  • Check out our first timers page for a walkthrough of the rounds.

Now that you know the run down, all you need to do is bring the energy and you’ll be more than ready for the Rumble workout!

Glove up, it's time to throw down BoxingGloveEmoji


Not a Member Yet?

  • First time? Buy your first class and get the second on us.
  • (G)love at first fight? The feeling is mutual…. ask your home studio about new membership specials to join the fam! 


See you on the bags,

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