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Meet Rumble FOUNDING TRAINER: Dani Burrell


Dani Burrell Rumble Boxing Founding Trainer - HeadshotDANI BURRELL, THE OG SUPER MOM

  • Amateur Boxer
  • Professional Mom
  • Undiscovered DJ

 Follow Dani on Instagram: @dani.burrell

Originally from Oakland California, Danielle has kicked someone's ass in every single state. Just kidding. She's a genuine sweetheart who blends together her background in martial arts, dance, personal training, and boxing. Dani has been teaching boxing for 12+ years and has won two amateur fights which makes her dangerous. But she's also mother to her son, Maxton (aka Mad Max), and daughter, Aiya, which makes her sweet. Add Founding Trainer and Rumble Weho's GM to the list and you got yourself a dangerously sweet combo. That's our girl. 

Get Rumble ready with Dani:



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See you on the bags,

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